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New Year’s Resolutions For A Safe 2017

Now that the excitement of Christmas and New Years has passed, it is time to get back to work in January. One New Year’s resolution we should all be aiming for is to stay safe, especially in the workplace.

Checking and updating your fire safety protocols can help keep you and your employees safe all year round, as well as abide government legislation and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Here we outline our top tips for having a happy and safe 2017:

Check Fire Safety Equipment

Checking fire safety equipment like the smoke alarm only takes a couple of minutes, but it could save lives. Don’t find out your smoke alarm battery has died through it not alerting you to hazardous fire spreading through your building.

Scheduling monthly checks of all your fire safety equipment ensures safety for your employees, check your equipment has been serviced recently and gained the necessary accreditation.

Test, Test and Test Again!

Checking fire safety equipment isn’t just a January job, having regular checks will ensure your equipment will be ready in the case of an emergency.

Completing a fire risk assessment is a great way of inspecting your surroundings and identifying any possible hazards, it is also a requirement by law! Identifying new hazards will allow your to avoid these in the event of an emergency.

Get Everyone Up To Speed

The responsibilities of knowing what to do in an emergency aren’t yours alone. Any changes to current safety practices need to be explained to staff members. Organising regular safety meeting and talks will ensure your employees know how to stay safe.

The best way to test staff know what to do in the event of fire is to have a practise drill. Regularly undergo practise fire drills and monitor staff members to see if anyone struggles in knowing what to do.

Delegate Responsibility

It is very important to delegate responsibilities during safety protocols to ensure everyone makes it to safety in the shortest time possible. Staff members can complete fire safety training courses to improve their skills and help maintain a safe working environment.

Safety protocols need to run smoothly still if you are out of the office, delegating leadership roles to other members of staff will help ensure everyone stays safe.

Safety Management UK has years of experience in delivering fire safety training and guidance to a variety of clients. In the past year alone, Safety Management UK will conduct over 12,000 fire risk assessments from all sectors including social housing, retail and commercial. Specialising in fire risk assessments and fire safety training; Safety Management UK can help prepare your employees in the event of a fire.

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