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If you own or manage multiple properties, we can schedule and conduct all of your fire risk assessments. We manage all of the details, producing a detailed summary of all works required, alongside the individual assessment documents. Call 01524 784356 to discuss your options or use our quick contact form.

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Whether you have ten properties, one hundred, one thousand or one hundred thousand, we will take care of all your needs. Our vast experience of delivering large scale fire risk assessment projects means we are well-versed when it comes to scheduling and logistics. This ensures your job runs smoothly.



Type 3 Fire Risk Assessments

We have considerable experience in delivering type 3 fire risk assessments for flats, which is where issues around fire detection can be identified. A type 3 fire risk assessment goes beyond the scope of the Fire Safety Order by considering the fire precautions, such as means of escape and fire detection in flats in addition to the communal areas. Basically, the fire risk assessor will assess the flats as well as the communal areas, provided the tenant and landlord are in agreement.

For more information regarding type 3 fire risk assessments, call our Compliance Team on 01524 784356.



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