Customer Care Policy

Safety Management UK has a simple approach to customer care, service and support – essentially we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. We do this by aiming to provide a professional service to satisfy our customers quality, delivery and price expectations and we genuinely want you to tell us if you think we have failed to do this on any occasion.

To achieve this, our objectives are: –

  • Establish customer needs and perception of products and services.
  • Customise our products and services to ensure they are designed, produced and delivered to meet our customer requirements quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide customers with effective and innovative solutions to their problems.
  • Facilitate a teamwork approach with all involved parties to ensure client expectations are realised.
  • Provide appropriate communication links and systems throughout our organisation to maximise responsiveness and co-operation.
  • Provide an efficient, friendly service at all times and treat all our customers with respect and sensitivity.
  • Make every effort to find the answer to a query or, where necessary, refer customers to a relevant person or organisation.
  • Respect confidentiality by holding information relating to customers securely and not releasing it to unauthorised persons or organisations.
  • Seek to minimise disruption to staff, customers and third parties in the performance of our contract works.
  • Talk to customers after the completion of works with the aim of developing continuous improvement to all added value aspects.
  • Regularly review our services to provide quality and value for money.
  • We recognise that client needs vary and we are proud of the help we give outside of the UK and to clients where English is not the first language.
  • We welcome customer feedback; any comments on the work we carry out can be made either through the Office Manager or directly through our website where the company’s complaints policy can also be viewed.

Involving Our Customers

  • We regularly ask customers for their opinions about our products and services
  • We ensure that our customers help shape the services we deliver
  • We are honest about what we can and can’t do

Our Staff

  • We recognise that we rely on our staff to deliver outstanding customer care
  • We ensure our staff are trained and competent to deliver our services
  • We ensure our staff treat every customer with respect, courtesy and understanding

Contacting Us

We have full telephone office cover during working hours and out of hours contact numbers are provided where necessary.

You can rely on us

We are committed to helping you with your fire safety issues.

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