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We excel in delivering high volume projects with short turnarounds.

We excel working with short-term, high volume projects!  For a range of the largest housing providers in the UK, we have undertaken fire risk assessment projects in the communal areas of flats and other forms of accommodation.  Looking at the numbers below, and the timescales given, we understand the importance of creating an outstanding operational delivery plan and sticking to it.  We understand the importance of talking with the client prior to undertaking any assessments to understand how they plan to use the information within the reports and the significant findings identified.  By understanding that we know how to work with you to produce meaningful reports delivered in a usable way.


Housing Association Number of Properties Assessed Time Period for Assessment
Housing Association 1 1100 14 weeks
Housing Association 1 1000 12 weeks
Housing Association 2 700 12 weeks
Housing Association 3 800 14 weeks

In addition, we have completed multiple smaller projects for housing clients around the UK.

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