Complaints Policy

Safety Management (UK) is committed to providing a high standard of service to all of our customers. We recognise however, that we sometimes get things wrong or make mistakes. To deal with this we have a complaints procedure.

We will deal with your complaint

We do not look on complaints as unwanted. In fact, they may help us to see where our services or procedures might be improved. So do let us know where you feel we have made a mistake or done something which you found unsatisfactory or unacceptable. Even if you do not think your particular concern amounts to a ‘complaint’ we would still like to know about it. You may help us to deal with something we would otherwise overlook.

How to complain

The best way to contact us is by filling out our feedback form. Alternatively you can telephone us on 01524 784356 or else write to us at:

Safety Management (UK)
Holme Suite
Clawthorpe Hall Business Centre
Burton in Kendal

We will try to resolve the problem on immediately if we can. If we can’t do this, for example, because information we need is not to hand, then we will take a record of your concern and arrange the best way and time for getting back to you. This will normally be within five working days.

Complaints will be handled by the Office Manager in the first instance, and will be passed to the Managing Director where necessary.

You can rely on us

We are committed to helping you with your fire safety issues.

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