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In January 2010, we carried out Spillage Training at Holsworthy Biogas Plant, the UK’s first, and most productive, centralised anaerobic digestion power station.

Andigestion - Holsworthy Biogas Plant

The site, at Chilsworthy in West Devon, provides a renewable and environmentally sustainable source of energy. Organic commercial wastes are processed at the plant, producing renewable energy and a valuable fertiliser.

Holsworthy also features a food waste de-packaging machine which can separate waste food from its packaging, reducing landfill volume of waste by up to 95%. The separated food then becomes a useful feedstock for the plant. It is a clean and efficient process for handling animal by-products and returning valuable nutrients to farmland, without incurring the huge energy costs required in mineral fertiliser production.

Andigestion - Holsworthy Biogas Plant

This course was another opportunity for Safety Management (UK) to conduct specialist training in a unique and highly interesting environment. It follows a recent expedition to provide Confined Space Training aboard a giant crane vessel in Norway.

Brian Gregory, Managing Director, said ‘Once we had an understanding of the processes, operations and management of those processes, we were able to deliver two excellent Spillage Training programmes that concentrated on the practicalities needed for working on a production process, such as that operated by Andigestion. It is this approach that allows us to not only deliver effective training, but leave our clients with ideas for changes that may lead to improvements in what they do.’

Andigestion - Holsworthy Biogas Plant

The feedback from Andigestion was very positive. One delegate in particular said the course was ‘well directed and relevant to the site‘.

Spillage Training

We offer two levels of training, a basic oil spillage course and a spillage response course for companies handling hazardous materials.

Spillages on site can have far reaching effects on your business, that is why it is critical that all spillages are controlled as quickly and safely as possible. Adequate spillage training for your team is the only way to prepare.

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